M.Sc. Machine Learning in Psychology

The seminar will be held online this semester. There are two possible ways to meet the course requirements: 1) A 30 min pre-recorded PowerPoint presentation, with audio (and video, optionally) on a chosen topic in the field of the application of machine learning in psychological research (the list of topics will be found on the course Moodle page). 2) The preparation of a mini-project that involves the analysis of a dataset using machine learning, with a 15-30 min pre-recorded PowerPoint presentation.

Please be advised that there will not be a regular weekly online meeting for this course. Individual / small study group consultations will be available throughout the semester. The course is available with the following codes: MPSYMV203 (Organisationsplanung und -gestaltung I: Wirtschaft, Verwaltung, Gesundheitswesen und Verkehr), MPSYKN201 (Neurowissenschaften/Neuroscience), MPSYKP210 (Projektspezifische Methoden und Diagnostik)