B.Sc. Topics for the Wintersemester 2019/2020

Sophie M. Rostalski

“Visual mismatch fMRI signals to vanishing parts of objects”
Task: fMRI measurements and analysis

“Who is coming? The development of expectation about person identity: fMRI studies of identity-specific predictions”
Task: fMRI data analysis.

“Differentiating gradually changing morphed faces using multivariate pattern analysis (MVPA)” -
Task: behavioural and univariate analysis


Charlotta Eick 

"Broadness of familiarity- Cortical responses (EEG) to various face features"
Task: EEG recordings and analysis
2 students


Chenglin Li 

"The effect of short-term training on perceptual expectations for non-expertise objects"
Task: fMRI experiments

Prof. Gyula Kovacs

"Behavioural pattern separation for familiar and unfamiliar faces"
Task: behavioural experiments