Current Research

One main research focus is the question, how people create a representation of someone or something they know well. We therefore investigate several related processes like:

  • Identification
  • Recognition (in cooperation with Helsinki)
  • Familiarity
  • “Knowing”

Another of BPCN’s research focuses is the role of the temporal context regarding perception. We are conducting researches on a large range of topics, like

  • Expectations and predictions (Brisbane)
  • Priming
  • Adaptation
  • Stimulus repetitions
  • Context (Bielefeld)
  • Expertise
  • Mismatch negativity

Furthermore the BPCN does research on:

  • The hierarchy and parallelism of the face processing network (Perceptual vs Semantic learning)
  • Memory
    • Autobiographical memory
    • Pattern separation/completion (Budapest)
  • Inter-individual perceptual differences
    • Prosopagnosia
  • Implicit/procedural learning
    • ASRT (Lyon)
  • How visual noise affects perception
  • Numbers in the brain
  • Human bodies in the brain
    • Person Gestalt
    • Sign-language
  • Music in the brain
  • Machine learning
  • Brain Stimulation techniques (Göttingen, London)