Team of the BPCN


Prof. Gyula Kovács

My research is about how the cerebral cortex mediates cognitive experiences. The main focus is on object recognition, face, shape and object processing ... more

Dr. Géza Gergely Ambrus

I investigate the processes by which an unfamiliar person becomes familiar, and what behavioural and neuronal changes accompany this transition ...   more


M.Sc. Sophie-Marie Rostalski

PhD Student/ Team assistent

My research interests are the neural mechanisms underlying the processes of visual perception ... more

M.Sc. Charlotta Eick

PhD Student

My scientific interest includes the human cognition in general with a focus on visual processing ... more

Chenglin Li - smaller

M.Sc. Chenglin Li

PhD Student

I am interested in the following question: How does the brain process faces, objects and words?  … more

B.Sc. Marie Wächter 

Student Assistant


B.Sc. Hannah Klink

Tutor for B.Sc. Student in Biological Psychology

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B.Sc. Alexia Dalski 

Honours-Programme for Future Researchers

"I am interested in understanding the neuronal correlates of visual perception... more

Rico_Bild (1)

B.Sc. Rico Stecher

Honours-Programme for Future Researchers

"I specialize in multivariate pattern analysis (MVPA) and representational similarity analysis (RSA) in EEG and fMRI data... more