M.Sc. Chenglin Li

Research Interests

I'm interested in the following question: How does the brain process faces, objects and words? More specifically - What are the similar characteristics of faces and Chinese characters processing? 

The goal of my PhD project is through a cross-cultural functional magnetic resonance imaging training study for the expertise and non-expertise stimuli to reveal the neural mechanisms of future event predictions in the human brain and give evidences of the multiple-level hierarchical model of predictive functions. For more information, please head to my Researchgate Profile


Li, C., Cao, X. (2019) The Developmental Trajectory of Left-Side Bias in Faces and
Chinese Characters Processing: Evidence from an ERP Study. The European
Conference for Cognitive Science 2019.


Li, C., Ma, X., Zhu, C., & Cao, X. (2019). The recovery speed of category sensitive N170 responses to faces and Chinese characters. Brain research, 146384.

Li, C., Li, Q., Wang, J., & Cao, X. (2018). Left-side bias is observed in sequential matching paradigm for face processing. Frontiers in psychology9, 2005.

Li, C., & Cao, X. (2017). The presentation location of the reference stimuli affects the left-side bias in the processing of faces and chinese characters. Frontiers in psychology8, 1673.  


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